Haiii! I’m Georgina!

So anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love shopping in Charity Shops. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. In the beginning it was mainly for books – who doesn’t love picking up something that retails for £12+ for £1?! Bloody bargain if you ask me. I would usually have a quick look around all the clothes and get a little bored then move over to the book section. That was up until the past year or so when I made myself do it properly, now I scout the whole shop looking at absolutely everything within my size range 8-10 or size S.

On New Years Eve  I made myself a little promise, this year I told myself I wouldn’t buy a single piece of clothing brand new, everything had to be either from a Charity Shop or Carboot with the exception of the obvious such as underwear or socks. (I know these are available in Charity Shops – however that option is just not for me!)

I’ll admit it’s not a very hard New Years Resolution, I just thought it would be something fun for me to try. Added bonus, when I mentioned it to my boyfriend Craig he said if I could keep it up for the year he would reimburse any outfits I wear on a night out! So far he owes me £7 😉🙊

So anyhoo, getting to the point here is my blog. We’re already 3 months and about 5/6 charity shop runs into the year but it had never crossed my mind to maybe start blogging until Craig asked me if I’d ever considered it, which is surprising as I absolutely love sharing my thrifty posts on Instagram (@ginaballreena if you were wondering!) So although I would love it if you guys didn’t steal all the best clothes before I got to them it would be nice to know I’ve maybe inspired a couple of people to shop a little more thrifty in the future!

Mucho love,

Georgina ❤